by Duncan Spencer



live in the space between the atoms.

My race was great before yours even existed. I was great before your galaxies coalesced. You must not think ill of us, you who are mere flesh. I live now off the energies that you cannot perceive, the dark energies between your worlds, but once we were like you, in a different universe, so long ago that you could not measure the time.

The Ancient. We grew and came together. We moved from world to world consuming their energy, leaving the very matrix of space and time frozen behind us. There were other races, races like the ones here in your universe. At first we coalesced around them. Life has its own energy, an extra density that fills and floods the being. Conscious, intelligent life was rare in that now dead place although it was just such a race as yours that saved us in the end.

Of course we mean different things by intelligence, you and I. You think of yourselves as intelligent. Sometimes, in your weaker moments you even ascribe intelligence to the other life-forms that teem across your world. We have a more precise way of determining consciousness and self-consciousness, life and intelligence. It is measurable by the energies that you give off. Energies that we can see but cannot, here and now, touch.

We moved across that old universe, expanding out as the fabric of space itself expanded. But there we were of that fabric. We were not trapped in the spaces as we are now. We observed the energies rising in the spiral arm for aeons. Behind us the universe was dying. Only here was there vitality. Finally we felt that pull, that explosion of life that said ‘Here. Come. We have become God.' It was not our finest moment that beacon. Who is to say whether any of us felt for the new-formed Intelligence in the cosmos. We fed. Millenia long our feeding frenzy lasted and the race we fed upon did not even know it. They slowed and collapsed. There were brief flurries of glory in their civilisation but each one spurred us on yet further until, never sated, we became greater yet. Too great for that universe to hold us.

The energy that we had we pooled together to tear open the fabric and, in doing so we created this, your universe. Created but could never fully enter. We live in the spaces between the atoms. And we watch. Do not think ill of us, because we created you. And when you reach that Intelligence, that Godhood, then your energy will be great enough for us. Then we will be able to penetrate you fully. Then the feeding will begin.







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© 2007 Duncan Spencer
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